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Randi tells the tale of a very coincidental elephant sighting and why it's so easy for laypeople to assign paranormal cause to random events that seem suspiciously contrived.

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TV's Dr. Oz has come out in support of homeopathy. This is what James Randi thinks about a medical doctor with a huge audience equating disproven pseudoscience with actual medicine.

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Randi extends his invitation to set sail with him and an exciting lineup of skeptical speakers on the Amaz!ng Adventure 2012, a cruise of the beautiful Mayan Riviera. Join Randi, Ben Radford, Jennifer Michael Hecht, Toni Van Pelt, and the JREF crew of D.J. Grothe, Carrie Poppy, and Brian Thompson on a beautiful and educational journey to ports of call in Belize, Honduras, and Mexico. We'll explore ancient Mayan ruins and celebrate the fact that the world probably isn't coming to an end this year!

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In this episode, Randi discusses the wonderful time he had at this year's Amaz!ng Meeting in Las Vegas. Plus, he touches on the history of TAM, and he lets us know which speaker he hopes will make a triumphant return at TAM 2013.

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In this episode, Randi discusses the impact of his book "The Faith Healers" on popular culture, and he shares the story of a facilitated communicator who had the courage to question her own beliefs.

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In this episode, Randi discusses deceptive marketing. It's used in both everyday products and pseudoscientific bunk, so how do we educate ourselves against it?

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In this episode, Randi discusses his recent acquisition of a rare, early edition of Nostradamus' prophecies.

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In this episode, Randi discusses rising anti-science sentiment, what we can do to fight it, and how some of the best science communicators are helping to keep the public educated.

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In this episode, Randi discussion the recent ASA action against Groupon for promoting literal snake oil.

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In this episode, Randi discusses the recent conviction of a self-proclaimed psychic for theft. Plus, he talks about laws against storefront psychics and how these types of frauds operate around the world.

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